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Room 18
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Sunday, 24 November 2013

Simon's Written Language

Simon decided to use the App popplet lite on an iPad to write his weekend news.
Well done Simon, I like the way you set out the popplet so it is easy to read.

Holly's Writing

In Written Language we imagined that we woke up on Sunnyhills Athletics day to find we had the legs of Usain Bolt!
Here is Holly's story, she was given a Deputy Principals award for her amazing work. Well done Holly, Room 18 enjoy listening to you read your stories to us.

The Fastest Girl in the World
I wake up to find my legs are in the best shape ever, it’s as if Usain Bolt gifted them to me.  What is even better is the fact that it is Athletics Day today at school. I run to the kitchen to tell my mum, it feels like I got there in a second. Wait, I DO get there in a second. I grab my breakfast, rush downstairs, fling open my heavy front door and run to school. I’m held back a bit because of my heavy bag, but I get to the school gate in a good 12 seconds. I leave a trail of sparks and notice a bit of dust flying around behind me.
I reach school and I suddenly realise, I can’t have people looking at these muscular legs. I panic as I look around for a solution. I remember I packed my uniform in case of an emergency and I think this just might qualify, I wear that in the meantime. I calmly settle down and walk over to the track. While I am walking, everyone is staring at me. I’m in the first heat of the races, which is a relief. I do the 100 meter sprint first and I get to the finish line in 5 seconds. I win the race by miles and leave everyone in my dust. I’m in shock, everyone is acting like it is a gobsmacking event. The crowd is screaming, shouting and running everywhere. My parents come up to me with beaming similes on their faces which makes me feel like the luckiest people in the world. I think they must be stuck for words as they look so astonished.
I turn around and see a TV van pulling up to the school gates. I watch as John Campbell steps out of the van and walks up to me. He starts asking questions, like, “How does it feel to be the fastest girl alive?” I freeze. A sudden silence falls across the crowd. “Did you say I’m the fastest girl in the world?” I say puzzled. “Yes, how does it feel?” Silence still. “It feels great” I say screaming. “How do you feel about the Olympics in a few years?” John asks. “I’m going to the Olympic Games?” I whisper into the microphone. I then scream my lungs out. “I’m going to the Olympic Games!” I strike poses, run around the field and just feel like the luckiest girl on Earth. I talk to my friends and I party like my life depends on it.
3 years later …
“Hello and welcome to the 2016 Olympics. This year we have the fastest girl alive, joining us, Holly Rowsell” says the commentater. I walk out into the middle of the huge field clutching a microphone in my hand. “Hello and as was said before, welcome to the 2016 Olympics. It is an honour to be competing for the first time ever and New Zealand wish me luck, hopefully I will be bring home a shiny gold medal this year” I say into the microphone.
I do the 100 meter sprint and I totally nail it. I won by miles. I was faster than Usain Bolt himself. After five hours I do the 200 meter sprint and yet again I win by a long shot. I go into the finals for both races and it felt as I was running, just like nothing, I could just breeze through it over and over again if I wanted to.
I fly back to New Zealand a month later with four shiny gold medals around my neck, even the plane trip felt fast. I watched repeats of the Olympic Games while relaxing in first class. I ate my lovely meals and then landed at Auckland Airport. To my surprise when I come through the giant sliding doors I am face to face with all my family, friends and fans. I catch a taxi home and somehow everybody had reached my house before me and is throwing a party for my success. I get millions of presents, a new iphone, xbox and a pet dog. The dog is a Pug which is the dog of my dreams. I have a wonderful party and everyone who joined me is gone after a while. I go to bed and I dream about the wonderful time I had at the Olympics.
I wake up in the morning to find my strong legs are back to normal. Luckily the Olympics had finished. I was so happy when I had the legs of Usain Bolt, but to be honest, I’m not much of a runner. All the glory was nice but I think I am more of a singer anyways!

By Holly

Monday, 18 November 2013

Kapa haka

Alana, Ishaan, Melvin, Brianna and Hazel are all members of Sunnyhills Kapa haka Peformance Group. They went to every Friday morning practice on time and enthusiastic to sing waiata, perform haka and the poi.
I am so proud of you all. Kia kaha.

The following videos are the Kapa haka group celebrating the year at their last practice on Friday.

Monday, 4 November 2013

Jia Qi, Amy and Michael's iMovie

Jia Qi, Amy and Michael chose to present their writing by creating an iMovie.
Well done, I like the way you added a crowd cheering at the end of the movie!

Auckland Art Gallery Presentations

Some people in Room 18 chose to present their Auckland Art Gallery writing on paper. They typed out their stories and then illustrated with drawings or photos to make their presentation look interesting.
 Well done everyone they look amazing displayed in the classroom.

Maddison and Danielle

Meg, Kelsey, Ishaan and Daniel

Joseph, Brianna, Simon

Jonson and Alana